Conversations with Jos Faur - The Naked Crowd: The Jewish Alternative to Cunning Humanity

Conversations with Jos Faur - "The Naked Crowd: The Jewish Alternative to Cunning Humanity" Public

3 years
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Professor of Talmud, rabbi, and dayyan, the hakham José Faur has worked hard to educate Jews and non-Jews alike about rabbinic Judaism and the Talmudic tradition, as exemplified in the works of giants like Maimonides and R. Israel Moses Hazzan. Promoting Judaism as the essence of religious humanism, Faur has initiated a vast project of "re-articulating" Judaism in terms that are directly accessible to contemporary minds. Emphasizing the role played by the Sepharadi cultural and intellectual tradition in successfully continuing the Maimonidean legacy, Faur has especially sought to reacquaint Sepharadim and the world with the essence of their heritage.

In this book, José Faur articulates the political dimension of Judaism, the essence of the Jewish alternative to the cunning societies of world history. As Faur describes, thousands of years ago, the Jewish nation became what Nobel laureate Elias Canetti called a "naked crowd"; a society built on transparency and inclusiveness, impervious to the attempts of would-be tyrants to control the "crowd" through mind-games, linguistic manipulation, and mass hysteria. While the Jewish people have, over the course of history, occasionally lost touch with this foundation of their society, they have never lost the dream of a truly free society for all. This book serves as a comprehensive introduction to Judaism from the perspective of the Western political tradition. The last section examines Pauline Christianity and its origins in Greek and Roman pagan thought and culture.


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