Can CONVERTS Oversee Jewish Conversions?

Can CONVERTS Oversee Jewish Conversions? Public

3 years
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Hil. Sanhedrin 2:12 [9] only prohibits a convert from being included in a Jewish court of three that adjudicates a native born Israelite. Some use this halakha to claim that a convert is therefore disqualified from overseeing conversions. Is this a reasonable conclusion? I think not. Considering the context of this halakha, several facts become apparent.

And to the contrary, Hil. Sanhedrin 11:12 [11] states that a convert can sit in judgment of a convert, and even a non-Israelite can sit in judgment over non-Israelites (Hil. Melakhim 10:14 [11]).

I'm in favor that only kosher born-Jews oversee conversions, so as to remove as much doubt as possible. I and R' Meza are doing what we're doing ONLY because no one else is stepping up to the plate. If you know any born Jews who are willing to step up to the plate and work with us, please let us know!


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