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  • R' Asher on the Ger Toshav movement
  • Judaism Without Embellishments
  • The truth about the Boca Raton Synagogue / Matthew Kelly ordeal.
  • R' Asher speaks to the Ger Movement
  • Exposing the Ger movement
  • R' Asher Meza challenges the Ger Movement
  • Is it a
  • Asher's Homemade Cholent
  • Judaism: This World or the Next
  • Building blocks of Judaism
  • Dissecting Ezekiel
  • Haftarat Vayigash
  • Haftarat Miketz
  • The shape of the Menorah/Chanukiah
  • (Phone call) Racism in the Jewish world
  • Is Chanukah the Jewish Christmas? להבדיל
  • Fasting in Judaism
  • Counter-Missionary responsibilities
  • Deut. 18 - deciphered
  • Conversions to Judaism - Michigan 2016
  • About the books of the Prophets
  • R' Asher on the Messiah, Prophecy, Semicha and the Sanhedrin.
  • Deine Religion ist durch das Judentum entstanden
  • Nur die Juden koennen den radikalen Islam stoppen


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