(p1) Jews To Discourage Potential Converts & Avoid Teaching Noahide Law?

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[SEE part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5-g2V2MgxU ] It is well known that Jews do not seek out converts. This is not because Torah in all its fullness is only benefical for those who are already members of the people of Israel. The Everlasting Guidance (Torah) of the Almighty is a blessing to all the world, and was given for the good of all mankind. Despite this, Israelites are only explicitly obligated to compel the other nations to uphold the 7 Laws of Noah. These laws are a minimum level of observance required by the Creator. They, by themselves, are not the ideal path, nor is it necessarily proper to something simply because they are prohibited by the Laws of Noah. Yet, the Almighty desires that the nations serve Him with a pure heart - not by force, not for ulterior motives, but an act of free will. For this reason, when a person comes to the people of Israel desiring to convert, we first inform him of the fundamentals of our faith (which are also fundamentals in the Laws of Noah), and we check whether he has ulterior motives. After we've informed him of a few of the light commandments and a few of the heavy commandments, we then elaborate on the positive aspects of Torah, and joining the people of Israel. But we also inform him that Jews suffer for being Jews in the present era. If he still desires to convert, and says that it's worth it to him, then he is to be immediately converted, and we are not to make him wait.