Proofs for Oral Law in Tanach

Proofs for Oral Law in Tanach Public

3 years
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Copied with permission from omedyashar.

CLAIM 8) The Oral Law is not mentioned even once in the entire Tanach (Hebrew Bible).

To the contrary - it is independent personal interpretation of the Written Torah which is not ordained even once in the Hebrew Bible; The information presented in the video is a sufficient example of Biblical indication of the Oral Instruction.

After having seen this video, perhaps you are now more confident about the existence of the oral legislative law of Israel, but you still feel hesitant about upholding an oral law that you feel violates the Written Torah; this is not reason to disregard all other teachings of the oral law; certainly, there are many teachings of the oral law which would not prevent you from upholding your understanding of the written Torah. Why throw the baby out with the 'bathwater?' You can keep those aspects of the oral law which you're comfortable with right now, and it might be that as you begin looking into the matter of the oral law more in depth, and taking the concept more seriously, other aspects of the oral law may begin to make more sense to you which before you thought unacceptable. It's shocking to what degree a little clarification can change one's view on a matter.

Blessed is He who opens our eyes to the wonders of His Torah.

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